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Activitree is all about building a community, together with our users we create experiences and memories. But most important we do more of what we love. Join the community by downloading the app, or become one of our ambassadors! 


Our community comes with growth, throughout the Netherlands Activitree communities are popping up as seeds in the spring. Together we grow the fact that we can do more of what we love!


Nerd out about your favorite artist, explore your inner coffee snob, or frisbee like there’s no tomorrow. As an ambassador you’ll join a group of enthusiastic movers, shakers and noise-makers.


Become a leader in your community and help each other grow a sustainable community. If you organize an activity then we’ll help you find people to join. #Gotogether, do what you love, share experiences, support others and let’s create a more offline connected world.


Let’s grow the Activitree together!

Sophie Yotova

Sophie is an experience designer, smell-blind food artist, and mental health activist.

Manas Ranjan Behera

We are wired to be caring for the other and generous to one another.

Sana James

I like to connect with kind hearted people to share my interests and create joyful moments with them.

Jules Munten

I'm tall, that's all

Top Ambassadors

James Muganda

"I love those connections that make this big old world feel like a little new village."

Marta Krygier

Every person is your potential friend and with each human you have something in common.

Hamza Yavid Belkhira

I came here out of curiosity and fortune, i feel I was reborn 2 years ago, and now discovering my potential through doing scary things and seeking deep connections

Tessy Willems

I love building connections.



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