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Maastricht! The city to discover, the city of culinary highlights, the city of opportunities but most important, Maastricht is the city of activities. Activitree Launching in Maastricht creates the opportunity for many students/expats and basically anyone to discover more activities, and most important to do more of what they love!

''If you came here because you saw us during INKOM week, then you are most certainly in the right place, welcome!''

Find people to do activities you love

Want to do more activities you love? Activitree is the best way to do fun-size activities you love.

Discover activities in your city

Fancy going for coffee, dinner, football in the park, a game of tennis or dancing? Explore what’s going on around you. Inspiration for activities can be found on the inspiration page, made by your local lead ambassador in your city.

Create your own activities and get rewarded

Have an activity in mind, but would love to have some people to go with? Create your own activity and #GoTogether.

Activities and members



Weekly activities


Average participants


Become an ambassador

Do you want to help us bring people together? Do you also believe life is better together? Then become an ambassador! We want to help you do what you love, organize events, and have a great time. Meanwhile, you’ll help us build connections and fight loneliness in your community.


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